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   Fun Facts about Deterding's Family Market

  • We are open for business approximately 5800 hrs yearly. (Open All Year, exceptions on Holidays 6:30am - 9pm).


 About us

  • We serve approximately 500,000 customers yearly
    Our Deli sells over 31,000 sandwiches yearly.
    We sell approximately 27,000 lbs of bananas yearly !!!
    We sell approximately 69,600 Gallons of Milk yearly !
 Fun facts
  • We mail approximately 750,000 circular yearly to our customers.

  • We use approximately 600,000 feet of register receipt paper yearly.
    This is approximately 114 miles !

    In our 30 plus years in this building, the register receipt paper would span from New York to Los Angeles, with some to spare !

  • We use approximately   1,000,000   plastic bags yearly !
    ***We offered a recycling bin for these bags so we do not fill our land with these bags***

  • We recycle over 180,000 lbs of cardboard yearly.