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   Welcome to Deterding's Family Market



 About us

  • The Deterding’s family has been serving the local community since 1954.

  • The 4th generation of Deterding’s are currently the owners, and the 5th generation is starting to fill some key positions.

 Fun Facts
  • In 1954 immigrants from Germany (the Deterding’s), took a chance and built a 1000 sq foot store, on this location, shortly after coming to America.

  • In 1956 they realized they had to grow with the community, and increased the size of the store to 4,000 sq feet.

  • Nothing changed until 1978, when they built a brand new 16,000 sq foot building on this location. This building opened to the public August 1st 1978.

  • We donate to all of our local schools, fire departments, and police departments. We try to support ALL of those who support us.

  • We currently employee approximately 50 employees, from our local area.